New Cotton Producers

OBWEO is preparing for the upcoming 2018 cotton season. It is our responsibility to ensure the continued success of this program. With all the talk of a significant increase in cotton acres, there are some important issues with respect to OBWEO that you need to be aware of. If you have been growing cotton for the past 3-5 years, we know where those fields are located. However, if you are a new producer or have not grown cotton in several years, we need you to provide the legal descriptions of these new cotton fields.


There is a Boll Weevil Assessment for harvested cotton acres. The current assessment is $2.50 per harvested acre. This assessment is reviewed annually.


The trapping density this year is one trap per 640 acres. In areas where planted cotton acreage density is high, not all fields will actually have a trap near it. In other areas that are more isolated, each field will need a trap.


Contact John Lamb at the Frederick office at 580-335-7760 or cell 580-305-1930 for the following counties: Tillman, Cotton, Comanche, Atoka, Bryan, and Stephens.


Contact Brenda Osborne at the Altus office at 580-477-4287 or cell 580-471-79632 for all other counties.


For any other questions call the Altus office.